More modeling updates

January 31, 2010

Flying sub on an old base I bought years ago

I finished the Flying Sub, One-Man Sub and Diving Bell a few days ago. These are from the Moebius big Seaview kit, although they are available as a separate kit without the Seaview. I will try to get better images. I lit the interior of the Flying Sub with two LEDs and used the photoetched interior set from Paragrafix. The images of the other two suck right now, so when I get better ones I will post them. I also used the decal set from TSDS.

As a break from the picky detailed stuff I started work on the Apollo 27 kit from Pegasus Models. It’s kind of cute. I decided the way to go was a diorama where one of the crew is negotiating a buy from the local aliens. I created some aliens using two part epoxy putty. They are trilaterally symmetrical…and green. My human is a modified US fighter pilot. There are a couple of things lying around that I made for him to buy from the Greenies. One looks like an egg – is somebody selling Junior?

Green dudes

I’m painting the engine pods with Alclad aluminum lacquer, with several coats of black Alclad primer underneath.  They’re mostly done, after a lot of polishing. The seat cushions in the cockpit are bits of epoxy putty as well. Behind these you can see the Princess Cecile end caps, with wooden spheres built in for the turret guns. I’m stuck on those because at the scale I’m working in the gun barrels would look like needles. Maybe that’s what I’ll use.

Engine pod and cockpit

More later when I figure out “macro” mode on my camera!


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