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Required Reading

April 1, 2009

libertyandtyranny Mark Levin’s new book, “Liberty and Tyranny,” has come out at exactly the right moment. It’s currently #1 on Amazon and should be required reading for ALL Americans.

Levin begins by describing what a Conservative is, by definition. He also defines a civil society. Mark makes a distinction between traditionally-defined liberals and what he refers to as Statists. He also defines the “soft tyranny” that Statists are working toward today, all over the world.

It is a brilliant book, and it lays out the information in a clear and logical manner so that readers will not become so lost in a jungle of legal jargon as to give up in frustration. Rather than trying to do it justice, I just give this book the highest recommendation. Buy it, read it, pass it on to friends and family, make sure that everyone you know has read it. Conservative or liberal, it doesn’t matter…everyone needs to understand what Levin describes in this book, and then look around at the events happening in the US today.

Levin has done for Conservatism what C.S. Lewis did for Christianity – making it clear and understandable, laying out the reasons for Conservative beliefs, showing how those beliefs should be turned into action.

  1. 1 on Amazon (and sold out, waiting for the next printing), #3 on Tower Books, but not in the top five on the New York Times list…hmm.

I thought it was somewhat ironic that I read this book on an Amazon Kindle2, and that I was in the Bahamas when reading it. I was outside the US for the first time in years, and reading a book about what the US needs, and I was reading it on a device that took US knowhow and capitalism not only to create, but to market and make viable.

Please read it. Please pass it on to friends and family. It’s that important.