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A logical question…

July 9, 2009


I was listening to Mark Steyn who was subbing for Rush yesterday and he sparked in my paint-addled brain what I think is a logical question:

Liberals declare that they are for “a woman’s right to choose” an abortion. They believe what happens with a woman’s body is her business and not that of the government. With me so far?

On the other hand, they are pushing a sweeping socialized health care plan that takes away most of our rights to our own bodies…including “preventative” measures. Don’t fit the Federal “guidelines” for ideal weight? No cholesterol medicine for you, nasty fat person! Smoke? Evil lawbreaker! No lung cancer treatment for you!

So…it’s “a woman’s right to choose” if it has to do with killing an unborn child, but prolonging your own life may be the choice of some Fed bureaucrat? And how old do you have to be before they deny you services because they need to be used for someone younger?

Don’t even get me started on the whole abortion/choice and death penalty bit. That makes no freakin’ sense to me: kill the unborn innocent child, but keep alive the serial killer. Huh?