Alex Berenson update

December 22, 2020

Since my previous post over a month ago, Alex Berenson has released Part 3 of his “Unreported Truths” series about the pandemic and our reaction to it. Here is the link to the “omnibus edition,” incorporating all three parts in one document, either print or for Kindle: link

From there you can also find just Part 3 if you want it.

I don’t talk to a lot of people, but I do talk to some folks outside of my home every day. I know the responses I’ve seen on Twitter seem to be 50/50 pro- and anti-lockdown at this point, and Facebook more leaning toward lockdowns, but that may be because I am over 65 and so are many of my friends, and they are as a group more at risk than younger folks. But everybody I have spoken to, with practically no exceptions – even in the medical professions – thinks by this point the lockdowns are doing more harm than good and we should end them now. And I live in Illinois, a more heavily locked-down state than many.

It was so refreshing to get to Florida a couple of weeks ago! We went to Disney, and Disney mandates mask-wearing, but all dining is open and there seems to be more of a sense of normalcy there than in the suburbs of Chicago. Funny how a little thing like going to a restaurant makes such a difference in one’s attitude.

My conspiracy theories can be kept for another day. But it’s increasingly obvious that in states like Illinois, New York, and especially California, this is a power grab, pure and simple. I really wonder when the mass disobedience will begin. What worries me is that it will not…


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