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Losin’ weight, exercisin’ and busy

April 28, 2010

Not much from me because I’ve been on this OptiFast diet for 24 days now…I think I’ve lost about 30 pounds already. That, and the exercise I am doing (with a personal trainer, yet) is making me pretty tired. No time or energy for witty or pithy thoughts lately. And school this year ends about a whole week earlier than usual, on June 2, so things over the next few weeks are pretty compressed.

Besides, what’s there to say? US politics? Same old same old. Space program? Obama has put the kiss of death on that, too. I’ve not had time to work on the second novel, or even on a new jazz band tune. The Princess Cecile sits there, in pieces, waiting to come together. There are other models I would love to get to, but they will also have to wait a few weeks. Pretty soon it’s time to get outside and put down some train track! At least I can bend over and do it now!