Beautiful video of an Atlas 5 launch

June 22, 2012

I’ve been critical of United Launch Alliance, not because of the quality of their work but because of what I perceive as a sweetheart deal with NASA and the Federal Government in general that they were able to wrangle by spinning off the Boeing and Lockheed Martin space launch units into one “joint venture.” However, I have to say that they have this launch thing down. This video is a montage of an Atlas 5 launch last week of a National Reconnaissance Office classified satellite. It doesn’t have the solid strap-on boosters, so it doesn’t have the jump off the pad like the one I saw when we were in Orlando in May. Instead, it has one of those graceful, smooth liftoffs that give you time to appreciate what the machine can do. I wish I had been there to see it! I did get to see it on a live streaming video feed on Spaceflight Now. Check them out. They do the best job of documenting current space flight that I’ve seen on the web. The YouTube video was put together by ULA.


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