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It wasn’t even close

June 5, 2012

As I write this, Fox News is reporting that, with 73% of precincts reporting, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is ahead 56 – 43 in the recall election. Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch also is winning with about the same percentages.

The first thing I read was “Walker received a great deal of money from outside the state.” That’s because the Democratic National Committee, and, both saw weeks ago that it was a losing cause and pulled their support of Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett – not because there was some national Republican conspiracy. (Oh that it would be so!)

I have to do some research about exactly what Gov. Walker has accomplished. More later. I think it was more telling that 69% of the people polled said that they believed a recall effort should only be for malfeasance, or not at all. That was probably more important than policy issues.