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How to write an account of a hospital stay.

March 15, 2012

Mike Flynn, statistician and hard science-fiction author, recently went through having a kidney stone and the resulting infection.  I had a kidney stone last August, but it didn’t turn into anything so bad, thank God.

The difference here is that Mike Flynn is an excellent writer, and he posted a short narrative of his difficulties on his blog. He is a more than excellent writer, actually. His most recent books are difficult to describe – space opera with a decidedly Irish twist – if you can call it that. It’s complicated. Read The January Dancer. It takes a bit of persistence, at first, then it grows on you. His earlier works, especially the Firestar series, are near-future SF and are not difficult to get into at all. Eifelheim is a very odd book. It deals with an alien landing in 14th-century Germany. Yep. That’s what I said. Fourteenth century Germany. Aliens.

Anyway, my hope for a very swift recovery, Mike! I’m glad Old Nick didn’t get you!