Oh. My. God. Time-lapse video of the earth from the ISS

March 9, 2012

You need to go to see this YouTube video of the earth as seen from the ISS. It is absolutely incredible. The mix and background music make it even better. And the green in the image above is the aurora borealis seen from above. I would so love to see this.



  1. Isn’t this an amazing video? 🙂

    • The lightning in the thunderstorms is particularly cool! And it’s amazing how much light from cities and towns you can see from orbit.

  2. That’s awesome! Wow! I want to go into space and see the earth like that for myself now! haha

    • I’m not sure about the “haha” but I’m with you…I’ve been wanting to get Out There since 1962! I was in second grade when John Glenn orbited the earth, 50 years ago last month. We watched it in our classroom on a little portable (for the time) black and white TV. That was it for me – the guy was from Ohio, like me, and was IN SPACE!

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