I have JFK riding a robot unicorn on the Moon…your argument is invalid.

February 16, 2012

Keeping Luna safe for Americans!

Artist Jason Heuser has a somewhat different view of history than most of the rest of us. He has done a series of pieces revising the history of various American Presidents, including Teddy Roosevelt shooting a sasquach, George Washington fighting zombies, and Abraham Lincoln riding a grizzly bear. My favorite is the one shown above, depicting the real facts behind the JFK conspiracy. See, he was sent to the Moon in 1963 to fight aliens to keep us safe. Heuser’s artwork is available on Etsy. You know you need a print of this. Get it for a friend for, oh, Presidents’ Day…



  1. Is… is that a LIGHTSABER that unicorn has for a horn? o_o

  2. It looks like one to me – maybe it’s detachable! And 1963 light saber technology! I think George Lucas was driving cars too fast on the back roads of Modesto about then…Jedi weren’t even a glimmer yet! I’ll have to check my copy of “Skywalking” to see if he was in a secret project with the government!

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