This may help other Rush Limbaugh iTunes podcast subscribers

January 2, 2012

Thomas Sowell, one of the leading economists of our generation. http://www.tsowell.com

I’m one of those folks who finds listening to radio programs on the radio tedious. When there is less than 35 minutes of programming per hour, the rest commercials, traffic updates, PSAs, news at the top and bottom of the hour, etc., unless I’m actually engaged in something else and have it in the background it annoys me. I know that without the advertising we’d all be stuck with Sirius or something like it – I get it – but the same commercial six times in a hour? Really? And I generally like WLS, the AM station in Chicago that leans right.

So anyway, I listen to Rush on the podcasts through iTunes. (Of course I’m a Rush 24/7 subscriber. Aren’t you?) I listen to Mark Levin that way, too. That way, if either of them gets stuck on a rant and I’m not prepared for a rant that day (especially Levin),or they are on the same topic for the tenth day in a row, I can choose to skip them.Or if they are away on vacation and I’m not particularly excited about hearing the guest hosts. (I like what Mark Steyn says, but he always sounds nervous on the radio, and it makes me nervous to hear him!)

Because of this, sometimes I don’t listen or download podcasts for a week or more. Then iTunes gives me the gray exclamation point to the left of the podcast name and stops updating the podcasts. Clicking on it and choosing “Yes” should allow the updating to begin again. It used to. Now, it doesn’t.

It turns out that you have to click the Refresh button on the bottom of the iTunes window afterwards. Then it begins to update. I know it didn’t used to be this way. It’s apparently a feature, not a bug. You can find that in the Premiere Networks facs if you are a subscriber.

Anyway, just a note if you, too, want to hear Walter E. Williams interview Thomas Sowell about his new book, “The Thomas Sowell Reader.” Two brilliant economists conversing! I heard some of it on the radio that day (Friday, December 30) and they were fun and enlightening!

Thomas Sowell’s website
Walter E. Williams’ website


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