Sarah Palin in the race? And other things…

December 21, 2011

Burger King doesn't help you wear the cat suit, ScarJo...

Scarlett Johansson says she loves cheeseburgers from Burger King:

“Johansson admitted a fast food fetish to the website Skinny Vs. Curvy. ‘I love pizza with anything except pineapple or anchovies on the top,’ she said. ‘I do like Burger King cheeseburger meals as well because I like the chargrilled taste, and I like the toy that comes with it.” —Xfinity Entertainment Programmers”

Right. The last part tells you the tale. She’s not had one since she was a kid. I mean, come on. At least Mariah Carey is honest about not being allowed to eat pizza (quoted in the same slideshow). Nice touch in trying to be one of the common people, though.

Just between us, kids...

Mark Whittington ponders whether Sarah may decide to enter the Presidential race at the last minute. I wonder if this wasn’t her plan all along. The whole debate cycle from the last few months has done very little to help clarify the decision one might make about the best Presidential candidate. The only things we’ve really learned are”

Mitt is rich, not really very conservative, and looks good on TV.

Newt is smart, thinking way ahead of the pack, but doesn’t look so good on TV.

Michelle Bachmann may have great ideas but nobody knows because of the crazy eyes.

Ron Paul shouldn’t be on the stage with the serious candidates. It just shows how fed up a goodly percentage of the electorate is with high taxes and size of government. Unfortunately, he is completely clueless about foreign affairs.

Rick Santorum is a good guy, but nobody cares.

John Huntsman is sort of a Romney close, but with closer ties to Obama.

Oh, and Herman Cain, whatthehell was up with that?

None of these things are thoughts one couldn’t have had six months ago. In the meantime, the media (and the conservative media, too) have been picking apart every line the candidates have uttered. All that does right now is lower our confidence levels in all the candidates.

Palin has been raked over the coals enough already. There is nothing that could have been said post-debate to eliminate the attacks on her. And she has found that she can get her message out with less distortion on Facebook and through Fox News. She’s not been silent.

So if Romney shows that he can only really pull about 30% of the primary voters, that may translate into a lackluster performance in the general election. Conservatives may just decide to stay home, like many did in 2008. She will be poised to jump in after some of these primaries, but before the convention, and then do her own tour while the little candidates squabble among themselves for things like the Iowa caucus. (Has it ever generated the successful candidate, running away?)

Apparently Jeb Bush is thinking about running. I don’t recommend it. There are people who respected 43 for his response to 9/11 and his prosecution of the terrorist war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but his spending during that last year in office turned them off.  Jeb might be really good, but the name is going to work against him. Palin/Bush? Maybe.

Newt speaking at one of the Hannity Freedom Concerts

So maybe Gingrich is for real. I don’t buy everything he promotes, but he has thought it through. He’s the only one of the candidates who seems to be able to go on at length about any subject. Successful candidates often are trained to just remember the sound bites and catch-phrases. Every political handler knows that a candidate asked to think on his feet is dangerous to his own candidacy. Newt doesn’t seem to be like that. Remember, Reagan spent years before the 1980 election thinking about his beliefs and potential policies – and put them out there in a series of radio speeches. If you heard those, you knew he had been working this through ahead of time…and you would have pretty much seen his platform before the election. Gingrich has been speaking, writing books, and researching stuff for years and years. Nobody knows the issues better than Newt. That doesn’t mean he’s the guy for the job, but he has been preparing himself to be President  – not to be a candidate. Who else in this bunch has done this?

The debate bit between Newt and Mitt about lunar mining actually tells more than people seem to think. Newt is looking not just to inspire youth, but he’s thinking that far ahead for the country. Mitt is not thinking long-term, and only inside his little centrist box.

Don't stop thinking about us!

The research into quantum physics and cosmology – the two go hand in hand – that I have been doing for a novel have only really demonstrated two things to me: at the most fundamental level, reality is based on, well, we don’t know. Even calling them “strings” or “superstrings” doesn’t help because at that level, what are the strings made of? The other thing is that there is no reason why the universe should have occurred in the way it did, so that matter – and by inference, life – should even exist. Was this the first time it all worked out? And what was cranking to start the beginning of the universe as we know it?

Personally, I think of strings as intentions in the mind of God. That makes as much sense as anything else I’ve read. And the fact that the universe worked out so we could exist?  I paraphrase Robert Heinlein: “I don’t know who’s cranking. I just pray He doesn’t stop.”




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