Another reason Mac are better than PCs

November 30, 2011

I was just irritated again by a Windows 7 television commercial – the one with the edited video clip of the guy sort of dancing to the annoying electronic music. Apple would never let their ad agency choose music like that. If they did, the Ghost of Steve would come and haunt them for it. Think of the music used in Apple tv commercials…you may not know the tunes, but they usually are moderately “catchy,” (dontchajustlove that term?) and are never equalized so poorly so that a particular higher frequency range screams out of television speakers, as this Windows one did.

I don’t know which ad agency is doing Apple’s commercial work now, but by and large, even in the “bad old days” in the 90s, the advertising was at least halfway decent. I do miss the “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” commercials, though. I think Steve dropped them because the PC/Mac wars are actually over now. Um, in case you weren’t noticing…Macs won.

Go ahead, ask me how I know. Because if I wanted to, I could switch from here to Windows in a matter of a few seconds, using Parallels. I just don’t need to. Heh.

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