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The ole’ nail in the coffin…

November 10, 2011

I have to tell you, when Rick Perry got into the Presidential race I thought we had something there. He seemed to have a good record, looked Presidential in a Texas central-casting sort of way, and he was initially getting a lot of traction with conservatives and “mainstream” Republicans alike.

From there on it was a sad spiral. He doesn’t do debates well, and we all know there is a whole lot more to being President, but Richard Nixon found out in 1960 that TV can make or break your campaign. (OK, that and Chicago backroom politics, but we have that to contend with here, too.)

I didn’t watch the debate last night. I find that kind of gotcha politics really annoying. Still, I guess Perry had a really bad senior moment and couldn’t recall the third Federal agency he would cut. (I have a dozen, by the way, that I would cut if I were a Presidential candidate. Which I’m not, as I’m sure you’re glad.)

Usually one moment like this wouldn’t be enough to deep-six a candidacy, but he has been dropping so fast that this is could be it. Money may not be enough to turn it around.

On the other hand, the guy I think more and more people will begin to consider seriously is Newt Gingrich. The economic turmoil in Europe shows us where we’re going if we don’t change our ways, and since Italy seems to be melting down right now it looks far more serious than when it was only Greece, which has a much smaller economy. There’s talk that the whole European Union may collapse. The Germans can only go so far in bailing out other nations, and I’ll bet they have the political will to say “nein” to their free-spending neighbors.

Newt is the only candidate to have well-thought-out, serious ideas for a wide range of issues. I doubt there is an issue you could bring up that he hasn’t given thought to. Maybe it’s time that people will decide they don’t need a candidate with charisma or a square jaw as much as someone who really knows what to do to get us out of the the fix we are in.

You can disagree with him, but at least there are positions and plans there to disagree with. I’m not sold on him a hundred percent either, but I think it’s time for me to look into him a little bit more. Maybe we all should.