Tom Clancy’s “Dead or Alive” and a question

October 25, 2011

This isn’t a review, exactly. Off and on I’ve been listening to the audiobook version of the Tom Clancy/Grant Blackwood “Dead or Alive,” which kind of got whomped when bin Laden was killed. The ficticious “emir” of the story was obviously supposed to be a surrogate of bin Laden, except more dangerous. I’m not really going to talk about the book, except to say that Lou Diamond Phillips does a good job reading it. It’s a long book and you need a good reader to you’ll never get through it. I was surprised how good he was.

It got me wondering, though, after the recent Kadaffi duck business, where there was video and a lot of pictures, some apparently of his actual death. We have no such documentation for bin Laden. We’re told the government does, and we’re told he was buried at sea. I’m not even sure if the crew of the USS Carl Vinson knows for sure if he was the one buried. How many people actually saw the body?

Maybe he wasn’t killed, but was brought back here and wrung out by the CIA or the FBI. It would be nice if some intel was gleaned from the takedown. I wanted to see the bastard gone as much as any American, but I hope there was more we got out of it than just revenge.

Is the Obama Administration’s intelligence community that clever? Maybe the possibility really didn’t present itself and he had to be killed. Maybe not. I would be perfectly happy believing he was killed in the house and booted off the stern of the Carl Vinson if we got some good intel from the takedown.

Something tells me that only happens in novels.

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