Great caller quote from Rush’s Show

October 17, 2011

A caller to Rush Limbaugh’s show last week – Harry from Grants, New Mexico – unloaded about the ineffectiveness of the Republican leadership in the House specifically, and in the Congress in general. The cap to his very well-thought-out interchange with Rush was this:

“Great football analogy for you. We, the conservative team, had a wonderful draft this November.  We drafted some coming superstars, we drafted a few guys that are ready to play at the pro level like Marco Rubio, but the team owners — and that’s me and you and the rest of the conservatives — paid no attention whatsoever to the coaching staff.  So we got a coaching staff that has never won a game in their life.”

I didn’t hear him. I couldn’t listen on Friday, and that’s when I assume he was on. I’ll check the podcast today. This guy was very articulate and he called it. He got it exactly right. Rush responded that some people did pay attention, and talked about it, but Harry’s still right – we left the people in place who were business-as-usual Republican leaders.

In Illinois we were able to elect a Republican Senator, finally, and got Mark Kirk. Kirk’s heart is in the right place, but he’s a moderate, not a conservative. When I heard him at a town hall last spring he was in the mind set of tweaking legislation here and there to make “improvements.” The folks in the town meeting were not looking for that. They were demanding substantive change. Real change at the fundamental level in the Federal government. Career politicians don’t get that. The Tea Party candidates who were elected last November, like Joe Walsh from the northern suburbs here, certainly do get it.

Literally, the chance of a lifetime is coming up in November 2012. We all need to think hard about the choices we have to make for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.


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