Iran can’t launch a monkey.

October 16, 2011

According to the Iranian Deputy Science Minister, the recent launch of a Kavoshgar-5 rocket with a monkey on board was unsuccessful – or, at least, “all of its anticipated objectives were not accomplished.”

I don’t exactly see why it’s necessary for them to launch a small animal, anyway. Are they just trying to duplicate what the US and the Soviets did sixty years ago? Why? I understand why they would want a satellite presence. First, they probably would have a little trouble getting launch services from the Europeans or from us, since they have about a million sanctions thrown at them already. Maybe the Russians or the Chinese would sell them launch services. But having their own successful launch system, even on a small scale, would be a plus.

Then there is the other, probably bigger reason, and in many ways the same one the US and the USSR had: if you can put a sizable satellite into orbit, you can launch warheads – most notably, nuclear warheads – for long distances.

And that’s the bigger issue with them. The monkey is a minor thing. Keep your eyes on the ball, not on the monkey.


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