A new kind of “seminar caller”?

October 12, 2011

For years Rush Limbaugh has talked about “seminar callers,” people trained by the liberal establishment to call his show, suck up to the host, and then try to blindside him. He assumed there was some kind of organized seminar preparing these callers since there were so many of them.

Today I heard a caller push Rush to make a call on who should be the Republican Presidential nominee right now. The caller’s point was that it’s important that this situation get resolved by Rush because he has so much influence on Americans.

Rush responded that this is not the time for a decision to be made by anyone, and that the establishment Republicans are already pushing hard for it to be over and for Romney to be the nominee.

Then tonight I caught a bit of the rebroadcast of Sean Hannity’s radio show from this afternoon, and he had two callers pushing for the same kind of thing: Sean should decide who he is supporting now. His response was that his job is to provide information about the candidates so listeners could make up their own minds. If he pushed one candidate over the others some may decide not to appear on his TV or radio programs, and that would undermine his declared intentions.

I usually listen to Mark Levin a day late since he’s on at night, so I’ll listen to him tomorrow and see if he gets the same treatment.

I wonder what the deal is. Is this a coincidence, or is it a new kind of seminar caller, put out there by some group or other to try to push the major conservative talk show hosts into deciding on a preferred candidate early. It could be a Democrat-sponsored plan, to help make it easier to focus on the nominee early. It could also be a plan by a particular group within the Republican party to force a particular candidate to the forefront, or to force one (or more) out. I just thought it was an interesting coincidence, especially since all three callers (there were two on Sean’s show) were very nice and very complimentary of the host. They kept pushing the same point, though: the host was so important that he should make the decision because his influence on others was vital to the cause.

There may be a point, when we’re down to two or three, where that’s important. But I think they are very wary after all the craziness that went on in the last election cycle, when we ended up with McCain. As Rush has repeatedly said, the mainstream media selected McCain as much as anyone did.


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