Observations upon leaving Las Vegas

September 19, 2011

1. It’s a dry heat, but that only helps up to a point. Then it’s just dang hot.
2. There are more tattoos per capita there than anywhere I’ve been. And those are the visible ones!
3. When the zombie apocalypse comes, we will know them from the people playing the slots because the zombies are more aware and purposeful.
4. Apparently African-Americans do not frequent Las Vegas in large numbers. Why is that?
5. If you do impressions, or stage magic, go to Vegas. That’s the only place I know where you can get a steady job. There are a huge number of shows that feature one or the other. Really? Do people really go to those? I mean, Penn and Teller, sure. Criss Angel, I guess.  But there are about twenty!
6. Oh, and female impersonators, too. And a half-dozen shows based on Sinatra and the “Rat Pack.”
7. I didn’t spend much time in the casino, but once – once – was all I heard any cheering from anybody hitting big.  Them’s not good odds, in my book.
8. I like the low humidity. I think my sinuses would be happier there. But the place just ain’ green. Even the mountains are this dirty brown color.


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