Nostalgia dept: Jonny Quest opening video redone!

September 3, 2011

Lovingly recreated in digital stop-motion, shot-for-shot, by Roger D. Evans, here’s the opening from the “Jonny Quest” prime-time animated TV show from 1964-65. Hanna-Barbera did it and did it well for the time – I remember watching the first episode about a foot away from the TV (I was 10 at the time). Apparently Mr. Evans remembers it fondly as well. His re-creation of the opening title, with the original Hoyt Curtin music (which I seem to recall was arranged by Pete Rugolo of Stan Kenton Orchestra fame), is outstanding. Well done, sir!

I just wish the rest of the show was there as well. Sigh…

Edit: reading through Mr. Evans’ site, it looks like he plans to do more scenes from the show. Hooray!

And I can’t seem to find a reference to a connection between the show and Pete Rugolo. Maybe it just sounds like the stuff he did for Kenton. Anybody out there know?


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