For model builders: weird but funny…

August 25, 2011

If I saw it on the intertubes, it must be true...

Here it is, folks…Japanese model manufacturing company Tamiya is apparently creating a Moon Landing Conspiracy plastic model kit, as you can see above. (The image is larger; click to expand it. The detail is important!) Yes, in the lower right corner are two Nixon versions: happy Dick and sad Dick. I particularly like the steering wheel for the lunar rover.

That should be the tip-off. According to the web site The Inspiration Room, this image and the ones below were created by Tamiya’s ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam, for a series of print ads the company is going to put out. Some of the others are in just plain poor taste. Here’s the Elvis set:

And the Roswell set:

(Note the pig on the bottom of the sprue above. Ick.)

Now it gets weird. Here’s the Marilyn Monroe set:

And the most tasteless of all, but one that couldn’t be missed, of course: the JFK set:

The pity is, I don’t know whether to deplore this or wish I had a set or two of each…


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