Hillary as a write-in for the Iowa Caucus? Wow!

August 24, 2011

Iowa State PoliSci Professor Steffen Schmidt has taken the pulse of Iowa Democrats, and it’s kind of interesting: President Obama has not provided much leadership, and maybe putting up Hillary Clinton as a write-in candidate for the 2012 Democratic caucus would be a good idea.

It’s not that far out. Schmidt goes on to outline other times in recent history when incumbents were getting too far out there, and challengers within their own parties emerged. Unfortunately, usually that means the incumbent loses to the other party, though, not to the challenger, who really just underscores the incumbent’s weaknesses. Obama’s been pretty well battered lately already. A challenge from a moderate Dem – especially one with a high level of visibility and who is already in his administration, like Hillary, could really be trouble for him.

A poll I saw last night on Fox News showed Obama either losing or in a dead heat (within 3 or 4 percentage points) of all the major Republican challengers…even Ron Paul was running dead even with him! So…he’s on vacation and will have a new jobs plan in a month.

I think he’s in trouble because he doesn’t have enough competent advisors. I don’t know who is giving him advice besides David Axelrod, but his administration has been a study in finding almost exactly the wrong way to present things to the American people. It’s become so transparently partisan and political that, as Schmidt notes in the piece referenced above, even Democrats in New Hampshire and Iowa are concerned about his re-electability.

Obama needs a Leo McGarry. Or at least a Josh Lyman. And he needs them soon.


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