Today’s political musings…

August 12, 2011

I’m apparently fighting with a kidney stone. While we wait to see who wins, I have a couple of observations, for good or ill.

Remember this name: Teresa Scanlan. She’s the current Miss America, she’s all of 18 years old, and has her sights set on being President and then a Supreme Court Justice. From the things I’ve read that she’s said, she may have a shot at all that, too. She has a remarkable grasp of history and the Constitution for one so young. She also had some comments about the Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover, which I didn’t see until after looking it up after reading the Scanlan quotes.

The Bachmann cover is not flattering. But remember, the magazine was bought by The Daily Beast for a dollar. I don’t think it has the credentials it once did. For that matter, what print news magazines have nearly the impact they used to? It’s sad to see a once-great magazine curl up and die, but it wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last.

I didn’t watch the Republican debate last night. It’s too early, and there are too many in the field who are not going to be serious contenders. I would guess it’s going to come down to Bachmann, maybe; Romney, for sure; Rick Perry, even though he’s not declared yet; and maybe Pawlenty. I think the Republican field has a lot of great vice-presidential possibilities, but the top spot is still up for grabs. I hope Perry polls high enough. I think he can out-charisma Romney and he has something to show for his time as governor of Texas.

VP picks? Bachmann, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio – who I am hearing more and more about lately. He’s well-spoken and doesn’t seem to have any baggage. And he’s smart.

Even if Sarah Palin would decide to pop in now I think she would be done. In a way (and I hate to say this), she’s kind of like Hillary Clinton was in the last election: high positives, but also high negatives. The high negatives offset the high positives too much.  She and Newt have a lot to give to our country – Sarah is the heart of America, and Newt the head – but we need a charismatic leader who can unite, and Newt fails on the charisma and Sarah on the uniting.

I’m afraid we are finally seeing Obama truly operating out of his depth. The country could run for a while with the boneheaded Pelosi/Reid/Obama decisions, but now, as the Rev. Wright said, “America’s chickens…have come home…to roost!” Obama apparently has no idea what to do, and we’re not hearing that he has any advisors with any ideas, either. Many of them have left the administration. Who is his economics guru?

I’d feel sorry for Barak if I didn’t feel a hell of a lot more sorry for all Americans…well, in 18 months this will all feel like a very bad dream, maybe. I hope so.

I suggested to Bogus last night that maybe the best thing for the new incoming President to do is to suggest to the new Congress to pass one law: “All laws enacted since 1789 are hereby repealed.” Now, don’t get your panties in a bunch. The amendments are still there. I think it would be a lot easier starting from a clean sheet of paper than trying to fix this legal mess we have now. I really don’t think that’s possible any more.


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