Obama At The Bat

August 3, 2011

This is clever. Nope, it’s frakkin’ clever. Even if you’re a liberal…and I’m sorry if you are, I really am…you’ll find this clever. If not, you have (a) no appreciation of literature, and (b) no sense of humor. Sorry. Your argument is invalid.

Speaking of liberals (or “progressives,” as some of y’all like to call yourselves), here are a couple of sources to lead you out of the wilderness, written by former liberals who saw the light:

David Mamet’s new book

Andrew Breitbart’s new book

John Hawkin’s article on why he is a conservative


And the book that I think is the most important book of the last decade, Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny – if you only read one book a year, READ THIS BOOK!

Read one of those, then maybe you’re be ready for Ann Coulter. If you’re not, your head will explode. That’s how you’ll know you’re not ready.

She can make a liberal's head explode.






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