My review of the new Robert A. Heinlein biography

July 7, 2011


I wrote a short review of the first volume of Robert Heinlein’s new biography by William Patterson, on my other blog, Keep Americans Free. The book is deeply researched and yet very readable. It covers Heinlein’s life from his birth in 1907 to his marriage to Virginia in 1947. That was the definite changing point in his life, professionally and personally.

Patterson had the help of interviews from surviving friends and family members, as well as documents from the Heinlein archives and from Virginia’s private collection before her death. It’s the definitive biography of Heinlein and is also an excellent snapshot of American between the World Wars and during World War II.

I recommend the book highly, even to those who are not science fiction fans or those who are not aware of, or interested in, Heinlein’s pro-libertarian beliefs from later in his life. It’s just darned interesting and well-written.


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