It’s Independence Day, Dammit!

July 1, 2011

He's my pet - my pet, Peeve.

OK, sorry. I try to keep this a family blog. BUT IT’S TIME FOR MY ANNUAL RANT ON THE FOURTH OF JULY!

It’s a pet peeve of mine, like Peeve, above.

Everyone calls the holiday the Fourth of July. Most years, it is, even if we get the 5th off because it’s a Monday following or some kind of thing like that somebody in the government made up. And I know that, historically, the Declaration of Independence was signed somewhere around August 2, but the date on the document is July 4.

But friends, it’s the most important holiday in the history of our nation. Why can’t we call it what it is? I know, we’re a country without a name…”the united states” isn’t nearly as unifying as, say, Tanzania, and saying we are Americans lumps us in with everybody in the Western Hemisphere, technically. I guess we need a national name for ourselves. Southerners wouldn’t like Yankees. (Nor would old Mets fans, I think.) Damnyankees might be better right now in some places in the world, and Yanquis is already used some places.

But I digress. Here’s how bad it is. I googled images for Independence Day and this is the first image that came up:

Not ours!

Yep. As I paged down, there were far more images for Indian Independence Day and for the movie “Independence Day” than for the USA’s defining holiday.

It’s sad, really.

“Well, mister whinerboy, did you google ‘fourth of july’?”

No, because that’s not the name of the frackin’ holiday! That’s my point!

You know, the only other holiday I can think of that just uses the date is Cinco de Mayo. The old Soviet May Day, maybe, but look what happened to them!

So I ask your help, as patriotic Americans. Please use the correct term for the celebration of the defining event in our nation’s history, one that changed the world forever. Please call it what it is…INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Have a great one. Remember what it’s about, friends. And if you would like to read that remarkable document, the Declaration, you can see it on my other blog, Keep Americans Free.

What it is!



  1. […] I just wrote my annual rant on why we need to call the holiday that celebrates the most important event in our nation’s history by it’s real name, not just a date, on my other blog. You can go there to read it. […]

  2. […] Further investigation showed that most of the hits were on a post titled “It’s Independence Day, dammit!“ […]

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