Green Lantern, the debt ceiling, and smart Presidents

June 29, 2011

I think we’re going to see “Green Lantern” this weekend. I’m not mentally prepared to see downtown Chicago get stomped in “Transformers.” GL has received really poor to lukewarm reviews, so I’ll probably like it. Remember, my favorite adventure movie of all time is “Armageddon.”

No, seriously…I thought it was pretty darned perfect. Great lines, great adventure, great special effects for 1998, a love story, truly excellent casting…loud noised and explosions. What’s not to like?

We’ll see about “Green Lantern.”

This debt ceiling thing probably sounds really stupid to the average American. It’s sort of like when all your credit cards are maxed out, and another “pre-approved” one comes in the mail, you max out that one, too. The Republicans on the budget committee are saying no, and that it would be a good idea to cut back on expenses.That’s not popular with the folks in the family who ran up the debt in the first place, but it has to be done, or you’re going to lose the house at some point. All this political maneuvering and pontificating is a waste of time…I think the general public figured you guys out a long time ago, they are ignoring you now. Remember, this is a country where “American Idol” is a big hit, not the miniseries on the life of John Adams.

We’re paying you to take care of our money and our country wisely. You’re not doing it. We should fire those who aren’t. That’s about it.

How smart does a President need to be? Michele Bachmann is the latest Republican Presidential hopeful to get picked at for little misstatements about history. Personally, I wish a Presidential candidate could learn to not say that one extra sentence – it’s the one that gets them into trouble – but is that more important than her thoughts about the Federal Reserve? Or Afghanistan? Or Iran? How about promoting using the shale oil in Colorado? I want the President to be able to comprehend these things. Herman Cain is the only one I’ve heard who said he didn’t have enough information on international politics to make an intelligent decision, because he didn’t have access to the classified intelligence the President and the senior staff have. That’s a smart response. I want to hear candidates talk about their beliefs about liberty, what America means to them, the Constitution and how it applies today – important stuff. Not this slippery stuff designed to pander to whichever group they are speaking to.

If the media were responsible (yep, sure!) they would be asking for those kinds of answers, to get a picture of what the candidates stand for. No candidate other than a sitting President knows what it’s like to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office. We knew what Thomas Jefferson stood for. We knew what Abraham Lincoln stood for. I’m not sure we exactly knew what FDR stood for, completely, before he got into the White House. We certainly knew what Reagan stood for. (As I’ve posted before, read his radio speeches from the few years before he ran for President in 1980. You’ll learn everything you needed to know before he ran.)

I guess I don’t need a President with an IQ of 150. I do want one with honesty, integrity, a willingness to work for all the people. I want one who loves this country and believes in it as a special place, an exceptional place in the world. The President needs to understand the issues…but then he or she needs to be able to make judgements based on character. That’s what seems to be missing.


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