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Perfect Molly Quinn is perfect…and now we know why…

June 12, 2011

Molly Quinn

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Who’s Molly Quinn? You mean you don’t watch “Castle“?

You should. It’s got Nathan Fillon – you know, Mal from “Firefly“?

And if you don’t know what “Firefly” is, Joss Whedon will come and weep on your doorstep.

No, he really won’t. I hear he’s over it, now. It’s just the rest of us who aren’t.

Anyway, Molly Quinn plays Richard Castle’s teenaged daughter. Castle is played by Nathan Fillon. He’s not very grown up. She is grown up enough for both of them, and generally makes better decisions than he would (and does).

She’s just so unbelievably perfect as the teenaged daughter…and it would make you sick, but she’s so darned cute you smile anyway.

I’m glad we finally know why she’s so perfect. I feel better, now.