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After-retirement job for me? Gingrich needs campaign staff!

June 9, 2011

Apparently a whole bunch of Newt’s campaign staff resigned en masse today. One of his chairmen went over to Tim Pawlenty’s campaign. There is thought that this is the first signal that Governor Rick Perry of Texas is going to run, and that many of these folks will be joining his campaign.

The pity of it is, I couldn’t work for Newt. He’s generally the smartest man in the room in any room he’s in – he really is; but that doesn’t mean he has the mix of attributes needed to be electable. Notice I didn’t say to be a successful President – just to be electable. Sometimes people have trouble with someone they perceive as being “too smart.” Gingrich seems to be “that guy.”

What we need for Newt is a sort of a Presidential Majordomo role, or something like that, where he can develop policy. He’s a monster at that, but he’s not necessarily the guy who can sell it.

I heard Pawlenty talk to Rush Limbaugh on the radio a couple of weeks ago, and he sounds OK, but not very exciting. Nobody in the current batch is very exciting. ¬†Well, the unCandidate is, but who knows what she’s doing…and Michele Bachmann hasn’t declared yet.

Who will deliver us?