Seal Team Six!

May 2, 2011

The SEAL Team that doesn’t exist, and isn’t number six, anyway, was apparently dropped into a landlocked area (SEAL teams are supposed to approach stealthily from the water) and took out Osama ben Laden without any injuries to the team. OBL declined to come along quietly and was made to come along quietly, of course, even though he used one of his wives as a shield.

Apparently there was one helicopter lost. It was destroyed on the ground to keep our enemies from gaining access to it. And he was given a burial at sea. I thought at first that was stupid…then I realized it kept everyone else away from the body. Shark food. Who says the US Navy has no sense of humor?

The story has a very Tom Clancyesque feel to it, does it not? Government officials watching it unfold in real time, teams moving in stealthily to attack a compound, shots fired, the good guys getting their man and getting out alive. Almost fictional.

The most interesting thing I’ve heard (and I’ve not heard everything from the 24 hour news cycle) is that information leading to determining OBL’s location came from Gitmo detainees. Really? I thought these guys were useless, and we should just cut them loose. Oh, but wait…they’ve provided information more than once, haven’t they? And every day they are enjoying US hospitality in Cuba is another day they aren’t taking shots at US servicemen and women in Iraq.

I would love to know who the heroes were who did this job, but we can’t, and may never know. It’s for their safety and that of their families.

Speaking of safety, I completely understand why we need to be at a higher state of alert right now. I think that Al Qaeda has been dismantled over the last ten years, by attrition if nothing else, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few sleeper agents, or worse, home-grown terrorists, waiting for the go signal. Keep your heads up, friends, and stay alert. I’m as happy as anyone that the evil bastard is dead, but I know it’s a Whack-a-Mole game with terrorists nowadays.


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