Fred Thompson tells what being a “Dark Horse” candidate is like

April 20, 2011

Fred Thompson, whom I thought was by far the best candidate for President in 2008, relates in National Review what happens to a candidate the media decides to label a “dark horse.”

I still think Fred had some health problems during the campaign, or at least just before he started. He looked very, very thin. He was just on an episode of “The Good Wife” last week, playing himself (!), and he looked much healthier.

I listened to the podcast of his radio show when it was on for a couple of years, not every day, but quite often. Fred wasn’t always great radio but he was very articulate about his views. I don’t know if the ratings were too low – he was on a smaller syndicated network, opposite Rush Limbaugh – but the show lasted only two years. I wonder if he is thinking at all about running again. He’s 68. Ronald Reagan was 70 when he became President. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, especially with his younger wife, Jeri, who would be there to give him support.

We can dream…


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