What if we were two years into a McCain Presidency?

March 16, 2011

Senator John McCain of Arizona

Mark Whittington wrote a great piece today on where we might be if John McCain had been elected President in 2008.

You should take the link and read the whole piece – it’s not long. A few of the highlights, though:

* no “stimulus” package

* no health care package

* no cap-and-trade

* more oil drilling here and offshore (Whittington makes the point that McCain was not for drilling in ANWR; his Vice President was, however. Sarah is a force to be reckoned with.)

* our relationships with Iran, North Korea, and Libya would be much different.

• most likely, he would have supported the continuation of the Constellation manned space program

You see where this is going. Whittington didn’t even really talk about tax cuts. At the very least, McCain would gridlock a Democratic Congress and keep them from passing all this crazy legislation.

But…there would then be no corresponding growth of the Tea Party movement. There would be no Republican landslide in 2010. In the long view, will the replacement of congressional Republicans with Tea Party conservatives prove to be a bigger benefit for the country than avoiding a couple of years of Obama blunders?


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