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Flyin’ Cars!

March 12, 2011

OK, so the first one is real…it should be available to buyers Real Soon Now…the Terrafugia Transition:

Terrafugia Transition

They  have been working on this for years, and have a flying prototype that has passed all the legal tests and so forth. This is the proof-of-concept aircraft, on its first flight:

Transition first flight

You can put down your $ 10,000 deposit now, and when they get the manufacturing schedule set up, they will contact you to set up the rest of the paperwork. They expect the price to be between $200 and $250K. They are calling it a “roadable aircraft,” and it is classified as a Light Sport Aircraft under the new FAA rules, which limits altitude and weather conditions under which you can fly, but also means you only need about 20 hours of training. It can take off and land from any airport with a 2500 foot runway. Keep it in the driveway, drive to the airport, unfold the wings (electrically), take off, fly to the airport closest to your destination, fold up the wings, and drive to your destination. No rental cars, no hangars, and it burns regular automotive gasoline, not the far more expensive avgas!

So besides the money I will need to lose a little more weight to fly with someone with me. It’s two-place and it’s light, so payload is limited. If I can get $ 250 K I can lose another 50 pounds!

But still, I can dream about these, too, right?



Doin' it old school!

Someday, maybe...Moeller has been working on this for ages


REALLY doin' it old school!

And…the real deal, the one that got me started wanting to have a flying car, back when I was a little kid, the Taylor Aerocar! This one was restored. It really flew, and was featured in a TV show in the late 1950s that starred Robert Cummings. (Bob Cummings started out in college in aeronautical engineering.) The wings and tail section detached, and locked together, and you towed it with the car.

Restored Taylor Aerocar