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For the BSG fan who has everything

February 25, 2011

Useful, yet unbelievably overpriced!

I cannot for the life of me get why they made it…it’s funny, yeah, I get it, but the web site where I found it said it retailed for $ 300! (To be fair, they are selling it for half that, and I found it listed on eBay for less than that!)

And I’m a fan of things that are cool for cool’s sake, like fins on 1950s cars. I guess if it was forty bucks it would be great, but call something a “collectible” and it becomes insane.

Oh, and from the images I saw…it doesn’t look like it makes very good toast. Too bad. It doesn’t even have that little red light that scans back and forth.

Can I get it in brushed aluminum?