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February 15, 2011

A DOUBLE Grammy Winner!

It was announced last weekend that the recent recording of the Verdi “Requiem,” by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, won the Grammy awards for both Classical Album of the Year and Best Choral Album. It was conducted by the CSO’s new conductor, Riccardo Muti, with chorus preparation by Duain Wolfe, and released on the CSO’s own Resound label.

Why am I mentioning it here? Because my son-in-law is a tenor in the CSO Chorus, and has been for quite a few years. He sang on that recording. It takes a lot for the CSO Chorus members to prepare, because most of them have “day jobs,” like he does – he’s a high school choral director. (Unlike the CSO, which is full-time, even though those folks also teach and perform outside of their CSO schedules.) Everyone in the chorus sacrifices a lot and works hard to be members of that group, as do their families – it’s a lot of nights away from home. Every so often though, something comes up that makes it worthwhile, whether it is a truly trancendental performance experience or something like this – which is a wonderful tribute to their work!  It also shows that the CSO board made a good choice when they selected Muti as the newest conductor of the orchestra. Congratulations to all concerned, and especially to Matt!

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