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Blogging from the iPad

January 9, 2011

Grrr...just use Pages and punt!

The short of it: you can’t really do it. The WordPress app won’t let you do links or any rich text functions without writing HTML. In that case, just write the frackin’ HTML in a text editor! I tried something called BlogPress that looked promising and was getting pretty good reviews. Maybe it’s OK for short posts. I got about 500 words into the “V” post below and it crashed. It did so repeatedly, every time I opened it. I tried using the WordPress web page from iPad Safari, and from Mercury, Atomic Web, and something just called “Browser.” None will let you embed links, and the copy/paste function Apple implements on the iPad is sort of OK, but frustrating unless you expand the page.

Finally I punted. I wrote the post in Pages, determined to blog on the iPad, dammit. Then I got LogMeIn Ignition, and logged onto my Mac. It costs $ 30, but it’s worth it for any time you need access to your machine from someplace else. It was very easy to set up and it was reasonably fast. I need the mouse icon to be a bit bigger to insert, cut and paste properly, because most of the time I was moving the screen around by accident. (I had expanded it because the iPad screen is smaller.) I got a link inserted and an image, but it took about twice as long as normal. I’m sure my speed will improve with time. I just wish WordPress would fix their app. Put some programmers on it and charge some money; it’s OK. I’d rather have a $ 5 – 10 app that works than a free one that’s worthless! Duh!