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Random Musings…

January 6, 2011

Just a few random thoughts. My thoughts have been fairly random lately.

Don't look now! She's baaaaack!

I haven’t stayed caught up with “CSI: New York” this season, but I have it recorded. I’m watching one tonight. Sela Ward? Really? Why do casting people and producers love this woman? I mean, she’s OK, but she seems to get more work on more series than anyone I can think of. And, unfortunately, I didn’t think so much of her from the beginning, really…

What do you think Bill Daley is thinking right now?

Bill Daley is now running the White House for Obama. This is Not A Good Thing, because Daley is actually a pretty sharp guy, most likely way smarter than Rahm-baby ever was. He probably doesn’t have the capacity to piss everybody off as easily as Rahm-baby did, either. This guy could be dangerous. He might actually give Obama good advice, and Obama might listen to him.

They are looking for a new White House mouthpiece, now. I vote for Jon Stewart. He would have to take a pay cut, I’m sure, and his audience would be smaller, but I can’t see him turning it down.

Back here in good old Chicagoland, Rahm-baby is apparently the frontrunner in the Chicago mayoral race. This is also Not A Good Thing. For all the things Rich Daley has been damned for, by practically everyone in Chicago at one time or another, I have to say that he has done a lot of good for the city as well. I don’t see Rahm becoming the Chicago version of Rudy Giuliani, do you? I really don’t think he will be anywhere close to a replacement for Daley.

Remember, I am definitely not a Democrat. If I lived in Chicago, though, I think I might have voted for Daley. I can’t see any situation where I would vote for Rahm, not even for dogcatcher.

I saw the first episode of the “second season” of “V” tonight, too. (The seasons are really short – what are they, 13 episodes each?) I didn’t watch all of the first season eps, but I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. The show is moving a bit better now. And the inclusion of Diana from the original series is even better! (As Anna’s mother, even!) It’s not going to be any “Battlestar Galactica,” but it does seem to be improving.

"To the cloud, Robin!"

Windows Live: “To The Cloud!” Really? That’s so 2007. The Google guys must be chuckling. Wow, just think – multiple people can work on the same document at the same time from multiple locations. w00t, as we used to say in 2007.

And I have only one suggestion that would kick people’s attitudes about Microsloth up a notch almost immediately: hire better graphic artists for your GUI. I can only think that someone who is colorblind is the head of the graphics design department at Microsoft. Look at the color choices in Win 7. The combinations just plain suck. Are good graphic designers not allowed to move north of San Francisco? Did Apple really hire every single one of them? Even little one-man software shops can write pretty interfaces; why can’t Microsoft’s army of designers?

Nobody has explained to me, in simple terms, why the price of gas is going up again. Even more unbelievable is this: on the Indiana Toll Road, there are Mobil and BP gas stations at the service plazas. The Mobil stations always charge at least twenty cents a gallon more than the BP stations. Why? Can they really not see that we know they are gouging us? Apparently they really don’t care. I’m the first to defend large corporations for the good that they do, and for their rights to make a profit, but this kind of stuff is shooting themselves in the foot. Nobody can make a case that their expenses are higher than BP.

Who says there are no mysteries out there anymore?