Living In The Future

December 27, 2010

I’m writing this on an iPad. It will take me some time to get used to the lack of tactile feedback from the on-screen keyboard, or I’ll just resort to using my Bluetooth Apple keyboard. In either case, I’m living in the future!

No, really! It feels like that. I’m sitting here, typing on a half-inch thick plate with a sheet of glass on top. While I’m typing I’m listening to Cannonball Adderly, played on the same device. It may not seem like q big deal to you, but this is almost flying-car future stuff for me.

When I finish writing this will be stored someplace, I don’t really know where, and people from all over the world can read it. Do you realize how truly amazing this is?

I’m beginning to believe that the iPad is the first real personal computer. At least it’s the first one that is intuitive enough for the masses to really use successfully. Prediction: by 2015 we won’t have flying cars (sorry, Doc Brown), but most everyone will be carry something like an iPad around the way we now carry smart phones. The price of these devices will drop to half what they are today, and Microsoft’s version will be less elegant than Apple’s – and the user interface from Redmond will use color choices picked by kindergarteners.


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