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Indiana Jones silliness

December 12, 2010

Cate Blanchett should have known better.

The Indiana Jones movies have been playing all weekend on the USA network, and watching the last one – the “Crystal Skull” – reminded me that most of it wasn’t so bad. Even surviving the atom bomb blast in the refrigerator was kind of clever. I could almost take the “Ancient Astronauts” plot, too. What I found most silly was the behavior of the Russians, who were as cartoonish as possible. Cartoonish Nazis, OK. I think sometimes even the Nazis knew they were over the top, but thought it was kind of cool. The Russians (OK, Soviets) in this movie were also-rans to the menace of the Nazis in the first and third films.

Even Cate Blanchett couldn’t save it. Instead, she was probably the worst. Not a redeeming quality to her,  unlike the blonde in the third film.

I hope they stop with this one. The only thing worse than an Indy 5 would be a spinoff for Mutt/Henry III. I can take his acting when there are gigantic killer robots in the film, busting stuff up, but not when we really have to try to suspend even the tiniest bit of disbelief.

I thought at first they green-screened a lot of the desert portions of the film, but watching it on the HD side of the USA network, it looks like the director felt they needed fill lighting for some reason and just overlit the sunrise portions – or they shot it outside during midday and then green-screened the sunrise. It may have been sunset – it was hard to figure the time frame out.