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“Surrogates” and iPhone video

December 1, 2010

It works! Even over 3G!

While working on some stuff for school I have a film playing on my iPhone 4 using the Netflix app. The dang thing streams video! It’s pretty amazing, even if the movie is the size of an index card!

Gratuitous "hot chick" movie poster

The movie I’m semi-watching is “Surrogates,” with Bruce Willis. It has a particularly silly premise, but it is an attractive movie, since almost all the people in it are supposed to be cyborgs. Nobody would pick an ugly cyborg body, right?

Well, Bruce Willis did. At least, his had bad hair.

You would choose this hair? Really?

That’s not the silliest plot hole. The silliest is that everything else is the same, and only the surrogates have changed. The surrogates still operate normal computers, drive normal cars, and buildings seem to be pretty normal. If you can directly interface someone’s eyes with the eyes in a cyborg, why not directly jack the computer display into the surrogate, and therefore into the user? Why do you need traditional car controls when the surrogate could become one with the car?

There are military cyborgs, too. I can see the reason for some to be human-like, but UAVs don’t have cockpits. Why not build the interface directly into a tank, for example? That doesn’t seem to be a big mental jump.

Look, Ma! No cockpit!

“But then we would lose the plot points.” Yep. Sorry.

The ending is kind of cool, though. Good car crashes. Otherwise, it’s definitely a rental movie.