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Is there anything she cannot do?

November 15, 2010

Sunday night’s premiere of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” broke all the records for ratings for a premiere episode on TLC – and nowadays on cable TV, 5 million viewers is nothing to sneeze at.

So…let’s see, she seems to be able to choose local and national candidates and help them win, she seems to be the closest thing to a National Conscience we have (see her twitter feed), she has a new book coming out, and now she’s a TV star – and brought her family and her state along with her. (Donate $ 100 to SarahPAC and you get an autographed copy of “America by Heart,” her new book.)

I don’t know if she has the chops to be President, but she has the chops to be Something…what’s higher than President? National Mama Grizzly? That sounds better to me…