October 10, 2010

I just think stuff like this is cool, for some reason. It’s a day like any other, but ever since 6/6/66, when I was in 5th grade, I thought there was something special out dates like this. We still get two more before we have a long timer to wait – which is just as well, because come on, nobody wants to be around on 13-13-13, right?

Although today ought to be a day like that. I got the 36-hour flu that has been working its way through our family. It’s been unpleasant. It was hard to sleep last night but I got a little sleep on the way back home from Dayton. (I was there to judge a marching band contest Saturday night.) Debbie drove all the way home, bless her heart. She said traffic was light and it wasn’t a difficult drive. I was awake for about half of it.

Maybe 11-11-11 will be a healthier day!



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