Never forget.

September 10, 2010

May God comfort those who lost family and friends in the attacks. May He also help us to find the courage to stand up to our enemies and defend ourselves and our way of life. More and more that concerns me.

By the way, I don’t know who created the image. I found it on another blog without attribution. Thanks to whoever created it.

And Chris Muir puts this whole “tolerance of Islam in America” thing to rest in a three-panel comic. I guess it’s not all that difficult to understand after all, is it?

Please remember all those who have given their lives so that we may be free on Patriot Day. And may we all rededicate ourselves to the spirit of those original Patriots, those who created this country knowing it could mean pain, suffering, and even death for them and their families. Would we be willing to sacrifice as much for the cause of freedom?


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