Quick questions for my readers

August 17, 2010

The Madison Scouts, perennial crowd-pleasers

Uh, both of you…:)

I just saw one of those Windows 7 TV commercials. If I invoke the magic words, “I’m a PC,” will there be a re-enactment with some actor who looks way more handsome than me?

I can’t bring myself to do it. I really can’t. If I did, I think Steve Jobs would come to my house and kick my ass. It’s bad enough that I think that my son’s Mac Pro is the best Windows machine I ever saw. (It’s the one he’s loaning to me…maybe, if I can get the bucks, that he will sell to me. It’s a really nice machine.)

Why do I go through times when I have to listen to Rush Limbaugh every day, and other times when I can’t bear to listen more than about a half hour at a time? It’s not Rush; he’s pretty much the same all the time. It must be me.

We went to the Drum Corps International Finals in Indianapolis last Saturday night. It still seems that the corps that bring the crowds to their feet the most are not necessarily the ones that score the highest. I’m a marching band judge, and have been since 1997; I judged for Drum Corps Midwest for a few years and one year for DCI, sort of by accident. I still don’t get it. By and large, the high-scoring marching bands excite the crowds – maybe not one-to-one with the scores, but still there is some correlation. I’m still mystified.


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  1. Im the same way with beck/fox news/etc any more. Its all so doom/gloom/opinionated crap that feeds into the other side. There is really no level headed conservative commentator out there anymore that can just talk to issues without feeding the frenzy. It wears me down and is just depressing.

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