A new blog

July 4, 2010

By the way - click the logo above.

I’ve started a separate blog: www.keepamericansfree.us. Protecting our freedoms is so very important today, and so many freedoms are being chipped away daily right now, that we need to focus on that process more than anything. This is especially important between now and the November elections. I’ll be spending a lot more time there for a while. I really want to dig into the whole problem of preserving our liberties in the face of the current Washington situation. It’s not a conservative blog, it’s not a libertarian blog. It’s a blog that I’ll use to work out my thoughts about what it means to be an American. Perhaps I should say, what I think it should mean to be an American, since today we seem to be losing much of the “Americaness” of our culture.

And please check out freedomisnotfree.com, which helps our wounded veterans, their families, and the families of our fallen.


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