RIP Jeanne Robinson

June 12, 2010

Jeanne Robinson

Jeanne Robinson, wife of science fiction author Spider Robinson, passed away on May 30. I just found out about it now. She had battled cancer for quite some time, and according to Spider her passing was peaceful, surrounded by family.

I’ve read practically everything Spider has written, fiction and non-fiction. I’ve liked almost all of his fiction, and actually loved most of it; I’ve disagreed with his political opinions most of the time, but thought that at least his opinions were always well thought out and well presented. If I have any idea how Spider felt about his wife, he must be hurting very, very badly right now. My prayers go out to Spider, his family, and the spirit that was Jeanne when she was here with us.

In fact, the only husband/wife teams I’ve known of that are as tightly knit as my own with my wife – the ones where I feel I know that for sure – were Spider’s and Robert and Virginia Heinlein’s. Of course, this is because they wrote about it , and it showed through some of their fiction as well. I’m sure there are many, many others. I just know that I have somewhat of an idea how Spider must feel now, and I am very sorry for hole in his heart that exists today.

Don’t worry, Spider; as you said on your web site – you’ll track her down again eventually. I’m sure you’ll have a lot to talk about!


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