Update on…well, stuff.

April 10, 2010

First, I’ve been on a diet called Optifast for the past week. How it works, and what you should do while you are on it, is complicated. You really need to see a doctor to do it. My wife and I are going to do this as a way to  kick-start a whole new eating plan. Maybe this time we can permanently change our behaviors about eating. I hope so.

Second, I’ve got a cold along with the diet, so I don’t have much energy. This is the first day I can remember in a long time where I’ve done practically nothing. Oh, I went to the gym (exercise is part of the diet program, of course), but with the cold the trainer cut back on the stuff, thankfully. Otherwise I read a few things and surfed teh intertubes a bit.

I’ve not posted much because I was away for a week helping my  Mom and Dad over our school Spring Break – and my daughter and granddaughters went along, which was great fun – then had a busy week this past week back at work.

I don’t even know how to comment on this crazy Obama downward spiral of stupidity. I used to think he was controlled by some bunch of liberals behind the scenes, or George Soros, or somebody. Now if I activate my Conspiracy Theory Gene I have more of a Manchurian Candidate thing going on. Control of as much of the economy as possible, lower our protections from outside attack, alienate any friends we have overseas, like Israel.

I’ve been reading James Patterson’s “Women’s Murder Club” series. I’ve been reading them on my iPhone, using the Kindle app. None are very long, and all are pretty good. I’m on number 7 now. I can read them on the phone in odd moments.

Speaking of the Kindle, once the iPad drops in price, which I think it will within the next 18 months, the Kindle is a goner. So are all the other e-readers in the current crop. I got a chance to spend some time with an iPad last Wednesday, and it’s frackin’ gorgeous. It’s just too much money right now. So was the original iPhone at its introduction. I think I can wait for version 2, or at least version 1.2!

I’m beginning to see a number of applications for the iPad in education, but the thing is still too expensive for kids to handle, too.  It’s “droppable” and certainly not easily repairable. But it will be very useful, for kids from grades school through college.

I’m really encouraged by why I’ve been hearing and seeing about the Tea Party movement. Fox News is becoming less “fair and balanced,” I think, but I can’t argue with that. These are desperate times, and maybe Roger Ailes really is trying to help to save our nation. God, I hope so. He certainly has given Sean Hannity free rein on his show. I’ve not watched Glenn Beck, so I can’t comment on his show. I hope we can retain this momentum through to the November elections.

I’ve been chipping away, though slowly, at the Michigan Confederacy novel. I think I have the main plot points mapped out. I am building a cast of characters – mostly the starship crew. The backstory is mostly sketched out. About 7K words so far. I just got a major point figured out yesterday, and there’s really only one more that’s hanging out there for me to figure out.

In the book, I also have to have a good justification for why the Chinese don’t have a larger presence in space. Hmm.

Too much cold to think farther today. Signing off. Everybody have fun.


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