Twenty-five-year-old bad sports rap becomes marketing tool!

February 8, 2010

Maybe that was unkind…but nobody says that the “Super Bowl Shuffle” was great art. When the Bears did it in 1986 it was a curiosity. I don’t know how much anyone thought of it outside of Chicago. We had just moved here that year. I don’t know how much anyone outside of got a kick out of it. I was on a plane coming back from LA that January and they played it on the plane to great cheers and applause, but the plane was coming back to Chicago, and was a couple of weeks before the Super Bowl.

It’s just surprising to me that a cell phone company would consider that video to be well-known enough in pop culture to bring those guys back, and then spend that much money on a Super Bowl commercial.

Here’s the original:

More cowbell!


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