More on Flash on the iPad

January 30, 2010

There’s a good piece on The Unofficial Apple Weblog about why Flash video shouldn’t be on the iPad and iPhone. I knew that Flash was somewhat crash-prone but I didn’t realize the problem was big enough that, in Snow Leopard, Apple engineers containerized the Flash process so when it crashed, Safari wouldn’t.

I assumed Flash was not implemented on the iPhone either because Apple was still trying to optimize it or they were having problems with Adobe. Apparently it’s more one of those decisions Apple made to make the iPhone easy to use and reduce user frustration. By and large they got that right, so I can see why that could have been behind the decision.

I don’t know much about html5 but I think we’re ready for industry-standard tools to extend the html version we’re all operating under. As web browsers become more and more an operating system, I’d prefer that system not be designed by Microsoft – or gimmicked so it only works properly in Internet Explorer, as Microsoft so often does.


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