iPad no Flashie!

January 28, 2010

the famous blue Lego

The folks at engadget got this shot at the iPad rollout yesterday…apparently no Flash capability in the web browser, like the iPhone. I know there is a lot of discussion about how Flash, when poorly implemented, is a speed killer. I don’t know which Apple is thinking – that html5 video will render the point moot, that they don’t want you to watch videos at hulu, but instead buy them from iTunes, or that they can’t optimize it so performance will be reasonable. Any could be correct. Apple has dumped technologies it considers out of date, like floppy drives. The company is not afraid to put out a product knowing that software could be evolving that will increase its capabilities. And they are not afraid of protecting their own bottom line.

Shoot, guys, I even use Flash for slideshows and the like. I don’t overdo it but for some things it’s a good choice right now. Would it really kill you to include it? Really?

For a device where the browsing experience is supposed to be important, this is a tough one to figure out.

Add for those of you who say it’s not a phone…Fring. Skype. Vonage, even.


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